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NOW Apple Fiber/ 12oz Bag

SKU : KMAA0173

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NOW Apple Fiber/ 12oz Bag

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Tastee Apple Fiber

Gluten-Free & 100% Natural

Perfect for those sensitive to allergies! Powder from sun-ripened apples: Smells like freshly-baked apple pie, No Gluten, No Psyllium, No Wheat, No added sugar, salt, flavors, dyes, or preservatives. Top cereals, sprinkle onto soft foods, or even add to cooked vegetables for that fruity sweet flavor. Improve bake volume in low protein recipes. Apple Fiber is said to be a natural way to promote normal cholesterol and maintain blood-sugar levels, as well as support healthy blood pressure levels. Apple Fiber is a great way to help normalize bowel function, preventing both constipation and diarrhea, while also cleansing toxic substances from the colon and supporting healthy colon function. 10% Soluble Fiber(replaces oats,barley and beans). 30% Insoluble Fiber (replaces whole grains and bran).

Protein less than 1g/1 Tbsp PHE:18mg/1 Tbsp

Case:1-12oz Bag